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Welcome to the Audacity Bootcamp podcast. The Audacity Bootcamp podcast is a resource of First Person Audio. I launched this podcast in April of 2021 for podcast editors and producers who use Audacity. In many ways this podcast is an extension of my video course, Audacity Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced. Each episode features helpful and useful information for podcasters to record, edit, and produce their shows using Audacity. You can subscribe to the Audacity Bootcamp podcast in any podcast app.

Audio editing and production is both an art and a science and while we can become more skilled in our audio production one never truly masters it to the point of having nothing left to learn. I’ve discovered through teaching and using Audacity, both how much I've come to learn about it and how much I still need to learn. I think that’s true of any topic or subject we set out to master. Welcome to the Audacity Bootcamp podcast and I hope you enjoy your stay.