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Aug 13, 2021

Welcome to episode 15 of what used to be the Audacity Bootcamp podcast and is now the First Person Audio podcast. Yep, the rebranding to First Person Audio is complete! In this episode I talk about:

1. The rebranding to First Person Audio is complete

2. Audacity's announcement of a soon-to-be-released version of Audacity that includes real-time VST effects which means non-destructive editing is on the way.

3. The Rode NT-USB-Mini microphone and the Rode Connect software. I recorded this episode using this Rode mic and Rode Connect and I didn't put any effects on the voice track in post production except for loudness leveling to -19 LUFS. The small amount of editing that I did (breath and mouth sound cleanup), I did in Audacity version 3.0.3. No EQ, Filter Curve, Compression, or any other effects were added to my voice because I wanted you to hear the audio in the raw.

Links in this episode:

The First Person Audio Website:

Audacity Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced: 

Audacity Announcement on Facebook:

Audacity 3.1 Preview: 

Rode NT-USB-Mini microphone (affiliate link): 

Rode Connect Audio Recording Software: