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Mar 29, 2021

Did you know it's a good idea to press Z on your keyboard while editing your podcast? Pressing Z invokes the Zero Crossing Tool and it's something that should be done every time you have a section of audio highlighted, but before you edit that section. For example, if you're going to amplify, delete, attenuate, or insert silence in section of audio, it's a good practice to press Z once you've highlighted the audio, before amplifying, deleting, attenuating, or inserting silence. Doing so will help ensure that the ends of your selection will move slightly to the quiet spot or zero line in your waveform (the zero crossing). This helps eliminate pops that can be created during these edits. 

My rule of thumb is to always press Z after I highlight a section of audio, before doing the edit. Here's the link to the Zero Crossing Tool video I mentioned in this podcast:

In addition to this podcast, you'll find me online at: